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Meet The Team

Minal Patel, PHD, MPH


Dr. Patel is a Professor in the Department of Health Behavior & Health Education (HBHE) at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Dr. Patel's research has established her reputation as a scholar at the intersection of social determinants of health and chronic disease. Her research can be grouped into two interconnected themes: Financial burden and unmet social determinants of health as factors that influence poor health outcomes; interventions focused on removing access to care barriers, alleviating financial burden and unmet social needs, and supporting chronic disease management. She explores these themes in a wide range of chronic conditions. Dr. Patel has a strong track record of stakeholder collaboration in large-scale intervention projects and practice-based teaching, both with community- based, healthcare delivery, and health-serving organizations.  

Dr. Patel serves on the evaluation team of Michigan's expanded Medicaid program, co-directs the Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health Core of the Michigan Center for Diabetes and Translational Research, and is as an Associate Director of the National Clinicians Scholars Program at the University of Michigan.
In 2017, Dr. Patel received the Early Career Achievement award from the Behavioral Sciences and Health Services Research Assembly of the American Thoracic Society. Dr. Patel also served as an Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine through the National Academy of Medicine from 2018-2021.


Qualitative Data Specialist

Allyson Brown, MS

Allyson joined the team in October 2020. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI with a Masters of Science in Public Health Education. Her responsibilities focus on IRB applications, protocols, and implementation; as well as Qualitative Surveys and Data Analysis.

What motivates you to do this work?

The motivation I have for helping others fuels my work, and I believe the research we put forth can influence policy and best practices that achieve better quality of life and health equity within communities. I went into Public Health because of my interests across the different dimensions of health that influence our well-being, and this work allows me to explore those connections as we strive to increase opportunities for others to attain healthier lives.


PhD Student

Victoria H. Davis, MSc

Victoria joined the team in August 2023. She has a BSc degree in Psychology and Health Studies and a MSc in Health Services Research, Health Outcomes and Evaluation from the University of Toronto. She has experience conducting research in the fields of global health and HIV, psychology, and healthcare. More recently, Victoria has worked with patients and patient partners on opportunities to intervene on unmet social needs in health and social settings.

What motivates you to do this work?

I believe that research can help to identify novel approaches to promote health equity and inform the development of impactful and anti-discriminatory interventions, policies and programs. I am passionate about working alongside patients and communities, health and social equity, and policy and program evaluation.

Minal Patel Group 10052022-8.jpg

Data Auditor and Survey Developer

Bud Dailey, M.ED

Bud joined the team in 2020. He attended UC Davis for his bachelor’s degree, then earned a master’s degree in Education. Bud is responsible for auditing new data on a daily basis, building surveys through the Qualtrics platform, and supporting collaborative partners who need assistance with survey management.

What motivates you to do this work?

Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. I am motivated by the belief that research is one of the best ways to create lasting change, education has the power to impact an entire community, and public health is the ultimate indicator of equity.

Minal Patel Group 10052022-3.jpg

Project Coordinator

Charlotte Guttrich, MPH

Charlotte came to the team in 2022 and holds a bachelor of science degree in cellular and molecular biology from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame and a master of public health degree from George Washington University. Charlotte develops data collection instruments and supports the coordination of partnerships involved in an external evaluation project.

What motivates you to do this work?

After working in cancer research, I was motivated to move into public health after witnessing the health disparities rampant in our healthcare system. I am particularly motivated to address disparities surrounding health literacy and access to care for chronic conditions and surrounding women's health. I am further inspired by how our work ties into national and local efforts to affect change across a multitude of facets and the collaborative nature of working in public health. 

Minal Patel Group 10052022-7_edited.jpg

Data Manager & Intervention Development Coordinator

Alyssa Loria MPH

Alyssa joined the team in 2016. She received her BS in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience and her Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan. She is responsible responsible for managing the quality of study data through auditing, cleaning and recoding, as well as developing study surveys and intervention components.

What motivates you to do this work?

My motivation to work in Public Health stems from my desire for everyone to have access to resources needed to live a healthy life. I like that Public Health allows me to help provide knowledge and assistance to a larger population. Additionally, rather than focusing mainly on treatment, Public Health allows me to place an emphasis on prevention, highlighting the need for improved access, knowledge, and health promotion. 


Project Manager

Stephanie Thompson, MSW

Stephanie joined the team in August 2023. Originally from Austin, Texas, she received a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Texas State University. She moved to Michigan in 2006 and received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan. Stephanie provides the team with project management and coordination of evaluation activities.

What motivates you to do this work?

I enjoy projects that address and minimize health disparities through a health equity and social lens. This work allows me to use my skills and experience to highlight best practices in implementing and sustaining large scale initiatives that promote health and wellness. I also enjoy leading projects, developing efficient operations, resolving challenges, and ensuring goals for research and evaluation projects are met.


Recruitment & Data Collection Coordinator

Shantel Moore, BA

Shantel joined the team in 2019. Shantel received her BA in Psychology from Fisk University in Nashville, TN. She is responsible for implementing and coordinating recruitment for study projects, developing protocols, patient data management, and incorporating strategies to facilitate the successful recruitment and retention of interventions.

What motivates you to do this work?

Knowing that I am contributing to making the world a healthier place for every person I encounter, not just in the research space. It becomes personal when I remember that we're helping someone else's mother, father, sister, brother, etc. It's about improving the quality of life and longevity for the people closest to us.

headshot (1).JPG

Research Assistant

Guanghao Zhang

Guanghao received their MS from the University of Michigan. Their main responsibilities are assisting the team in finding the proper statistical approach, conducting statistical analyses, and drafting the statistical method section. 

What motivates you to do this work?

My passion for public health is rooted in my desire
to implement statistical approaches to help researchers solve real-world public health
problems. I find fulfillment in contributing my expertise to uncover insights that inform
impactful public health interventions. This drive to make a tangible difference in
communities through the application of statistical methods fuels my dedication to public
health work.

Aya Yahya.jpg

Research Assistant

Aya Yahya

Aya is currently pursuing a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan. On the team, she assists with transcribing qualitative data. 

What motivates you to do this work?

Working in Public Health gives me an outlet to combine my understanding and passion for science and improving social inequities. My motivation for this work comes from the want to improve health outcomes in my community by focusing on prevention and education because I feel like those go hand in hand to promote a healthy future. 

Team Assistants (Our Pets!)



Minal Patel's Havanese

Baxter's calling in life is to protect our home from packaged deliveries (even boxes), cars pulling up in our driveway, and cars and visitors in other people's driveways. Aside from this sense of duty, he likes to express his autonomy by leading the walks and sleeping in when his parents have to get to work. He is skilled at patiently staring you down until you provide him with what he feels he is owed- a treat.


Bud Dailey's Yellow Lab

Sparky is a yellow labrador retriever who enjoys playing fetch, napping so hard that he forgets about reality, playing fetch, going for walks, and most importantly – playing fetch. He is passionate about alerting the entire neighborhood when an emergency vehicle is driving nearby.

The Cats.HEIC

Mitten, Moose, & Sula

Bud Dailey's Cats

Mitten (gray tabby), Moose (tuxedo), and Sula (orange tabby) are cats of routine. Mitten enjoys sleeping on pillows – especially when the pillow is Bud’s head. Moose prefers to be held like a small child, and will howl until you pick her up each time you arrive home. Sula is the queen of the house, commanding everything from sink water to naps on the boiler. They are all obsessed with Sparky and follow him everywhere.


Allyson Brown's Pittie Mix

Bridgette loves a good belly rub, the wind in her face as she sticks her head out of the window on car rides, and her nightly dental chew treat. Bridgette’s hobbies are monitoring the squirrel population in the backyard and sniffing every blade of grass on walks.



Shantel Moore's Shih Tzu

Bishop is super sweet and likes to play with other dogs and kids. Once he is done playing he might run out of energy, because he forgets that he’s an old dog, and will probably look for a bed to nap under. 


Alyssa Loria's Golden Retriever 

Wally is a golden retriever puppy who is full of energy! Outside of chewing on anything he sees, Wally loves to play with his toys, take naps on the couch, and watch Disney movies with his mom. He will do anything you ask if you bribe him with enough treats and loves learning new tricks (if he gets food for it). Wally is growing up super fast and will be too big for his mom to hold in no time.

Mr. Kitty.jpg

Mr. Kitty

Stephanie Thompson's Cat

Mr. Kitty is a super soft, tuxedo wearing, american short hair. He's an old man who now loves to snuggle, sleep, and follow his mom around. He's indoor and outdoor and enjoys exploring our 4 acre property. Although old, he's still fierce. He protects his family and territory from other animals and still likes to hunt.  

Alumni Team Members

Theodora Vorias, Sarah Sheskey, Alyssa Abbate, Kiyah Mills, Katherine Worthington, Claire Roberge, Arya Desai, Navdeep Kaur, Leah Bailey, Kelly King, Geila Rajaee, Nikki Isaacson, Maddy Wierenga, Samantha Guagliardo, Samantha Kasselman, Sydney Vo, Kshama Puranik, Sophia Viola, Sasha Tretyakova, Omar Siddiqui, Laila Odeh, Chris Oshana, Michelle Torby, Diamond Buchanan, Lucy Duan, Maria Fernanda Cruz, Omar Fehmi, Maricruz Moya, Caitlin Miranda, Julie Tobi, Lindsay TerHaar, Lisa Mei, Emmanuel Saint-Phard, Dylan Kilby, Anna Bowie, Kendall Billig, Daniel Juaregui-Volpe, Jessica Uruchima, Caitlyn Wayment, Cassie Gaskins, Ashya Smith, Kayla Muschong, Ian Lang, Theresa Kowalski-Dobson, Teck Sheng, Zaineb Alattar, Stephanie Sigale, Alexandra Dulin, Jessica Lin, Julieta Saluzzo, Alison Jensen, Suzanne Meller, Angela Song, Kathleen Kraus, Aparna Yechoor, Jennifer Vichich, Lizelle Salazar, Meagan Shallcross, Yanyn Cao, Samantha Nikirk, Megan Collado, Micah Aaron, Wei Hao, Amanda Elaro

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